Has this ever happened to you? You're in the middle of your solo part in a play, and you forget your lines. You get so embarrassed that you think you hear your friends and family start to laugh? Don't you just wish your family took a bathroom break while you messed up your lines so you wouldn't have to get embarrassed in front of them? That brings up the question: What would you rather do, perform in front of complete strangers or in front of your family and friends?

Each side has some things in its favor. If you perform in front of strangers, you'll probably never see them again, so they wouldn't remind you that you messed up your lines. However, if you perform in front of your parents, they'll be so proud of you if you say your lines perfectly, and you might not get embarrassed if you forgot your lines. Well, we found it quite interesting when we got the results from surveying nine classes of fourth- and fifth-graders.

Family and friends: 76

Strangers: 67

As you can see, the results were close. Fifth-graders were brave enough to perform in front of their parents and friends, even if they messed up their lines, and most of the fourth-graders said they didn't want to get embarrassed in front of their parents if they didn't know their lines. Here's a little tip from us: Practice, practice, practice! If you do that, you may not slip up in the first place. So there you have it -- most kids (not by a lot) would rather perform in front of people they know.

Yum by the ounce: Chill'n Frozen Yogurt

I recently visited a great place for dessert, Chill'n Frozen Yogurt. Chill'n is in a Mineola shopping center that has other good places as well, such as Panera Bread, Flip Pizza and Chipotle.

At Chill'n, you take a cup, choose your flavors and serve yourself. Some of the flavors are European tart, cookies and cream, and strawberry banana. You then go to the toppings counter and choose from those. Some of the toppings available are chocolate chips, fudge and gummy bears. I like dulce de leche with marshmallow sauce. Next, you go to the register and pay by the ounce, not the size of the cup. I like that you get to choose how much or how little you get of a flavor and that you get to serve yourself. I think Chill'n will be a big hit for a long time! If you want to visit, it's at 526 Jericho Tpke., Mineola. Call 516-833-5372. -- TIMOTHY DEMARO

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