Two classmates, Jessica Toribio and Emily Wolf, and I were selected to go on a fun-filled, daylong trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Our job was to attend the media day and be the first to test out the park's newest ride, the SkyScreamer. Every student from our class wanted to go, but we were the lucky three.

The SkyScreamer is 20 stories high. It is a giant swing. The view is amazing. You could see most of the park. I wish the ride would have lasted longer; it's only about two minutes. The wind felt wonderful blowing in our faces. The ride was so good we went on it twice. We think this ride is just one more reason to visit Six Flags.

After "working," we spent the rest of the day going on our favorite rides in the park.

The second ride we went on was Nitro. This ride had lots of twists, curves and hot banks. You never knew what was coming next.

After that, we went on Dark Knight Coaster. This ride only had a 30-minute wait and we had front-row seats. Your feet dangled and you went upside down. There were curves and loops that made this ride exciting.

Next was Superman: Ultimate Flight. We had back-row seats and we didn't like lying down at the end because we had to wait about 10 minutes for the ride to begin. You felt the blood rushing to your head, but the ride was good because there were a couple of flips and turns.

The Green Lantern ride was a two-hour wait. That wore us out. On this ride you had to hold your head in a certain place so it would not bang against the seat.

The sixth ride was Kingda Ka. The wait was only 30 minutes long. The line moved very fast. The high-speed roller coaster ride made our hearts race. It traveled 456 feet in the air and the view was amazing. This ride was very steep.

Our final ride was El Toro. It's a wooden roller coaster. It made for a bumpy but amazing ride.

We all agreed that the SkyScreamer was fun, but if you want a truly great adventure, you have to go on Kingda Ka.

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