Kidsday reporters Alan Turcios, left, Nicholas Aguirre and Jose Munguia,...

Kidsday reporters Alan Turcios, left, Nicholas Aguirre and Jose Munguia, of The De La Salle School in Freeport, take part in the school's Kindness Program. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We need kindness all over the world. Without kindness, who knows what would happen.

We have a kindness program in our school. We hope you understand that you could make a difference to the world and love the world and make the world a better place, to make fights end and create trust in the world.

The Kindness Program came from the students of The De La Salle School. We thought that there should be no bullying in this school. We call De La Salle the school of hope. The reason  is that we want the school to be positive and not negative. We want to show others how good this school can be and how we can make everything positive. If we share the kindness, it could change people’s lives. This program has no age limit because anyone can understand that we need this.

We should have no hate or negatives all over the world. This can also be a life lesson. If you learn the positive from negatives, it can help you through life. Our principal, Mrs. Jeanmarie Becker, thinks that Christ is calling everyone to have rights for ourselves and others. She thinks we can change people and the world.

We are so thankful for this program at our school.

Christina Buttigieg's sixth-grade class, The De La Salle School, Freeport


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