The Kre-O Building Blocks: Grimlock Street Attack (Hasbro) is a pack of blocks that you build using the instructions included with this toy.

This toy was made for the movie "Transformers: Days of Extinction." When you assemble all the pieces, you get the golden Transformer dinosaur, golden Optimus Prime, and two Decepticons.

I give this toy 4 smiles out of 5. Building this toy was fun and easy. Anyone could do it, really. It's an excellent thing to do and collect. Once I built the dinosaur, I figured out how to use the dino-sense, which makes one of the characters move and become attracted to the dinosaur.

This is a toy for kids to build and have something fun to do. I highly recommend this for kids 12 and younger. The instructions are easy to follow, and it doesn't take a long time to build. I'm happy with the results, and I had a great time assembling and playing with this toy.


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