Kidsday reporter Kelly Scalonga with Latitude 121 manager Suzanne Layton.

Kidsday reporter Kelly Scalonga with Latitude 121 manager Suzanne Layton. Credit: Scalonga family

Imagine coming back from the beach on a hot, sticky day looking for something to cool you down. You pass by Latitude 121 Coastal Grill and from outside you see the biggest ice cream stand ever. You go in and see so many yummy flavors. My favorite flavor is S’mores. It tastes like graham crackers with bits of chocolate. You see a wall filled with different cones and toppings; everything you can imagine.

I had the opportunity to speak with the manager of Latitude 121, Suzanne Layton. She told me they opened in Stony Brook in March 2015. They have another location in Patchogue called Oar that opened 30 years ago.

When you visit on your birthday, you get free toppings on your ice cream. I had my 10th birthday party there. My friends and I all got free toppings. It was so much fun.

When asked about their busiest times, Suzanne said that their busiest days are weekends and their busiest season is summer, because of the ice cream. Imagine the crowds on really hot days during the summer. Fortunately, Latitude 121 has approximately 30 employees to help keep everyone happy.

Are you more in the mood for a meal? Latitude 121 also serves food. I can’t name all the food that they serve, but it’s all so good. My favorite meals are the burgers and the chicken tenders because they are delicious. If I had to pick an absolute favorite, it would be the chicken tenders and fries. Since Latitude 121 is a coastal grill, they also serve fish and kid-friendly foods. Their specialty is a lobster pot pie. I have never had a bad meal there. When asked about her success, Suzanne said that the biggest reasons are the fresh food and great quality. If you’ve been there before, I’m sure you would agree.

121 Main St., Stony Brook, 631-675-9273. Online: