Lavender by the Bay draws many people to East Marion...

Lavender by the Bay draws many people to East Marion to enjoy the fragrant flowers. Credit: Randee Daddona

Long Island’s Lavender by the Bay, a lavender farm, blooms in popularity partly thanks to fans of the 2001 Hong Kong romantic movie “Lavender.” Asian visitors to the farm also mention a Taiwanese TV series also called “Lavender.” The movie “Lavender” is about a young woman whose life is changed when an angel with a broken wing lands on her balcony.

I live right by this beautiful farm, and I see what seem to be thousands of visitors almost daily stopping by to look at the farm.

The movie and TV series shouldn’t be the only reasons people come. Tourists love to take photos with the lavender, and some people get very dressed up. It’s also fun to just walk through the whole land.

Lavender does not have to be watered every day. Just plant it in the sun in dry soil. When you do water the flower, give it a lot and do it infrequently.

Lavender by the Bay is owned by Serge Rozenbaum and his family. More than a decade ago, he bought the land and planted about 80,000 plants. A majority of the lavender is French and the rest is English. Varieties include the Melissa, Super, Purple Bouquet, Grosso and Hidcote Giant. On summer nights the fireflies jump and whisper over the lavender when it’s nice and quiet, and it’s really pretty.

You should visit 7540 Main Rd., East Marion. Look online: