Christian Tarsia, left, and Peter Conelli show off their Lego...

Christian Tarsia, left, and Peter Conelli show off their Lego Club creations. Credit: Eileen DeCarmine

The kids at our school were allowed to choose an early morning club. One of the newest and most popular is the Lego Club.

The Lego Club creators had to ask the principal of the school, Mrs. Catherine Honeyman, if creating a new club would be necessary. “Some of our suggestions were that people would work together or even make new friends,” said Lego Club supervisor Carol Gurock. Mrs. Honeyman said yes, and the Lego Club was born.

During our Lego Club meetings, kids make some really cool creations, such as robots, flying cars, Minecraft worlds, and even snow leopards. Half the kids in the Lego Club get small kits with small Legos, and the other half get a large kit with larger Legos. Every five weeks, the students switch from a large kit to a small kit, or a small kit to a large kit.

In conclusion, this club is a fun, exciting early morning club that many kids enjoy being a part of. Although there were some fun arguments deciding what kids should build, it was a blast. We think every school should have this club because you work on teamwork and imagination.


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