The Girl Scouts of Nassau County are selling something new...

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County are selling something new this year: Dulce de Leche Milk Chocolate Owls. Credit: Handout

The Girl Scouts are always up to something industrious. Now through Nov. 13, girls in both Nassau and Suffolk counties are participating in fundraising programs.

In Nassau, they’re promoting their Mags & Munchies sale, which raises money for local troops and the county’s council to help train volunteers. The "Mags" portion are subscriptions to more than 550 magazines. The "Munchies" are cans of products, from chocolate-covered pretzels to nuts and fruit products. Two new products for this year are Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins, with cool mint filling, and Dulce de Leche Owls, a milk chocolate candy filled with caramel.

If you don’t want candy or magazines yourself, you can opt to donate candy to Operation Stop Hunger on Long Island or a subscription to Project Thank You, which gives them to local military veterans. The food products range in cost from $5 to $8, and magazine subscriptions vary depending on the publication. You may see scouts selling at instant purchase booths outside area supermarkets. If you want to order online, call 516-741-2550, ext. 243, for assistance.

In Suffolk County, the girls are selling magazines and nuts and candy as well. One of their items is a school snack pack with 20 packages of trail mix, one for every school day of the month at lunchtime, for $10. To purchase online, visit and click on Nuts and Candy.

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