We went to an interesting place called Make Meaning, an arts and craft store, but it is different from any other that we've been to. Make Meaning provides hands-on experience with making a variety of arts and crafts. Visitors to the store can make a number of things such as candles, soap, cakes, cookies, glass art, jewelry, ceramics, canvas and plaster.

When you make a candle, they provide you with wax. The wax comes in many shapes and sizes. You also get to choose the shape of your candle. Some of the choices are a square, a heart and hexagon. When you have your wax and a mold you can start. If you have extra space or the wax won't fit, you can cut the wax so it will fit inside the mold. When making your candle, you can either fill it to the top or leave some empty spaces at the top. Once you finish, you get to pick your scent. There are many choices. After you pick your scent, whoever is working with you will mix the scent and wax together and pour it into your candle.

When making soap, you have two choices. You can either make two soap cupcakes, which are soaps in the form of a cupcake, or four soap bars. We made the soap cupcakes. First, when making a soap cupcake, you pick which scent you would like. Then you pick out various shapes that you would like in your soap. All the shapes you can choose are made of soap. When you have finished placing them, the staff member who is working with you (we worked with Xiomara Diaz) will pour some soap inside your cupcake. Then, to avoid too many bubbles, they will spray a film of "magic" on it to make the bubbles disappear. Once this is done, the soap is left to harden.

To make a cake, you first need to pick the stuff you want to decorate the cake. There are many choices such as flowers, smiley faces, cupcakes and bees. Then you pick what color the outside of the cake will be. Someone who works at Make Meaning will bring the cake to you. On the table, there should be a can of icing. The can of icing is there to help the candies stick. Now you are free to decorate it however you like.

You can make a reservation or simply walk right in. The store's manager is Maria Gonzalez. Her daughters loved to make things, and so did she. Maria also grew up around a lot of art. Her father was a professor and artist.

The goal of Make Meaning is to make people happy and make them want to come back. Also, you can have a unique party at Make Meaning.

Make Meaning is a great place to visit. It is located at 1501 Third Ave. (between 84th and 85th streets) in Manhattan. Online: makemeaning.com