Kidsday reporter Eitan Zargari of Great Neck and Gerry Weltzer.

Kidsday reporter Eitan Zargari of Great Neck and Gerry Weltzer. Credit: Natalie Nassimian

We went to a nursing home in Great Neck to visit the patients. It was a great experience because we met a man named Gerry Weltzer who told us great stories about his childhood.

Gerry was very sick. He went to the nursing home and met a staffer named Audora, who had been working there for almost 17 years. Gerry asked her if she could be his nurse, and she agreed.

When we met him, he had short-term memory loss.

First we walked in and signed our names. Then we went to the second floor to see everyone, and we took pictures. Audora gave us a tour of the nursing home and we met other people. We took some pictures with Audora, Gerry and Gerry’s brother Lenny.

We thought it was very interesting having conversations with older people. Some of them talked to us in different languages. They were all very happy to have visitors. Some don’t have any family members that come to visit.

We learned that you always have to be thankful for your life and to be happy for what you have.

We recommend visiting a nursing home in your town and spending time with the elderly near you.


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