Actress Jackie Jacobson from the Netflix series "Malibu Rescue" with...

Actress Jackie Jacobson from the Netflix series "Malibu Rescue" with Kidsday reporters Lourdes Baker, left, Olivia Hellberg, Grace Sutliff and Paige Hyland at the Warwick Hotel in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

On Friday, we met and spoke with Jackie R. Jacobson, the star of the Netflix show “Malibu Rescue.” Jackie is a 17-year-old actress from Los Angeles and a recent high school graduate.

“Malibu Rescue” was first introduced to everyone as a movie. Then it was turned into a TV series. It’s about a group of teenagers who work together as lifeguards at Malibu Beach.

The lifeguards rescue people who need help while swimming in the ocean. We love both the movie and TV show because there is a lot of action. Also, the characters are different: some are fun, nice, and some are mean.

Jackie plays Dylan in “Malibu Rescue.” Her character is nice and fun and is also a role model for others. Just talking to Jackie, we found out that she is even nicer in real life. Jackie is pretty and she also danced when she was younger. She is very positive and outgoing, and she shared many hugs with us all.

Jackie has also appeared in several other shows, including on “Criminal Minds,” and “Game Shakers,” “A Dog Story” and “Bella and the Bulldogs.” We think she is an excellent actress.

We asked Jackie whether she actually swam in the ocean for “Malibu Rescue” and whether she saw any sharks. She is a swimmer, but thankfully, she said no about seeing sharks.

Jackie explained that she was inspired to become an actress because of the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” Jackie said she enjoys playing Dylan on “Malibu Rescue” because Dylan sticks up for herself. Jackie told us that so far Episode Four is her favorite in the series. That show is titled “Sand and Deliver,” and we think you should watch it to find out why she liked it so much.

Jackie has two brothers and is the only girl in her family. She enjoys this, because her brothers protect her. Jackie also told us that she loves visiting Cancun, in Mexico, and that she visits there each year for vacation.

We found out that Jackie has a pet dog with an unusual name: Chicken Wing. She explained her family game Chicken Wing that name because his arm was up in the air and looked like a chicken wing. We asked how long she and Nick Crystal, her boyfriend, have been together and she said, “Five months and going strong.”

After we took some photos with Jackie we just sat and talked informally for a few more minutes. We felt like we were good buddies by the time she had to leave and go off to do other interviews. We hugged again and said goodbye.

After spending time with Jackie and watching “Malibu Rescue,” we can highly recommend the show. It’s perfect for kids ages 5 through 12. It’s interesting and it keeps our attention with a lot of action. Most of all, Jackie is fantastic.

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