Maplewood Summer Program in Wantagh has a lot of fun...

Maplewood Summer Program in Wantagh has a lot of fun games and competitions. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Maplewood Summer Program in Wantagh is a fun place to spend your time off from school.

There is a refreshing side to Maplewood. As a camper, you get to go in the pool in the morning and in the afternoon. In addition, you get to have ices or ice cream at the end of the day, and there are varieties to choose from. They also offer different flavored refreshments like lemon Gatorade, fruit punch grape juice and ice cold water. So you will never go thirsty on a hot summer day.

Maplewood also has really cool games. For example, GaGa. It’s like dodgeball except you can only use one hand to hit the ball, and the ball has to stay on the ground. We also play video games and compete against one another. In addition, they have four playgrounds: the Rocket playground, the Rockwall, the sand playground, and Tiny Town, for the little ones.

Maplewood field trips are awesome. They take us to different bowling alleys, Bayville Adventure Park, the movies, Adventureland and Hershey’s ice cream parlor. At the parlor we get to make our own pizzas and have ice cream.

Toward the end of the camp season, we prepare for the annual talent show, the watermelon eating contest, Maplewood Idol, the bunk plaque contest and Color War. For the talent show, the dance teachers and campers create a routine for their group and present it at the talent show in front of the entire camp. During Color War week, campers are picked to be on either the Green Gators or the Great White Sharks, and you participate in a lot of fun games and relay races. As you can see, Maplewood is a fun and great place to spend your summers!

2166 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh. Call 516-221-2121. Check them out online: