The Masters of Illusions, from left,  Michael Turco,  Tommy Wind, Naathan...

The Masters of Illusions, from left,  Michael Turco,  Tommy Wind, Naathan Phan and Chipper Lowell take time with Kidsday reporters, from left, Andrew Mazurkiewicz, Olivia Cabrera, Isabella Galeas and Michael LeFleur backstage at the Theatre at Westbury. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Last Sunday, “The Masters of Illusion” put on a spectacular performance of illusion, magic, comedy and dangerous acts at the Theatre at Westbury. Before their performance, we got to go backstage and interview the magicians, Chipper Lowell, Naathan  Phan, Michael Turco and Tommy Wind.

You know the “Masters of Illusion.” Their show has been a big hit on The CW network, and has been renewed for its sixth season . We wanted to know what makes it so popular, and Michael told us that he thinks it is because of the variety of magic they each do. The do something different in every show.

We liked how they told us about getting a trick to work. Chipper said that some can take minutes, but there are others that can take five or six years to perfect. It takes a long time to practice, and perform and then fix it to make it work. Even after all that work, they laughed because when they go in front of an audience, and the audience doesn’t like it, and they have to go back to the drawing board.

Naathan said that they each bring their own energy and style. He added that he grew up in musical theater, Chipper with the circus, Tommy from Staten Island doing close up magic in a pizzeria. Naathan added that every year they find new magicians, and they add them to the show which keeps it fresh and exciting.

We asked Tommy if his musical background helped him with his performances? Tommy told us that he was an Elvis impersonator, and it helped me to do my magic. He also told us about how he was inspired to do it. His grandfather taught him a trick making a handkerchief disappear; he was hooked and started practicing after that.

In doing our research, we found out that Naathan was buzzed on “America's Got Talent.” We wanted to know how he felt being able to redeem himself with his card trick. Naathan laughed and explained that he was horrified. The trick that he was performing was a difficult trick but as it turns out when he did the card trick they just loved it.  

Michael Turco was also on “America's Got Talent,” and we wanted to know how that experience was. He said, “The experience was amazing.”

Chipper Lowell has a routine called the Chipper Experience. We were curious how he came up with it. Chipper told us that although he likes to tour with my friends, he also like going on tour and showing people all around my tricks and illusions. He added that his dad used to do magic and he watched him and then followed him.

Chipper told us that Houdini was one of his inspirations to be a magician. Growing up they all liked Doug Henning, David Copperfield and Harry Blackstone to name a few.

After our interview, we settled into our seats and were amazed from the start. Each Illusionist came out in the first part individually and performed a few incredible illusions. It was really fun and exciting to watch. With the stage in the middle of the theater and rotating, there was no place for anyone to hide and that was what made them even more incredible. The audience was very amazed. Many of times we sat on the edge of our seats wanting to know how they did it! Tommy Wind and Michael Turco preformed more serious acts. On the other hand, Chipper Lowell and Naathan Phan did more of the comedic acts.

One of our favorite illusions were done by Michael and Tommy. They both used two women and put them inside a box. They then close the top and then puts on the sides with several blades and pierces through the box. We could not figure out how he did it and, even more, how the women came out in one piece!

Michael amazed us with a similar illusion. No matter how many times you see this, it is just incredible to see that the women were able to survive this. With Michael, the women disappeared and then reappeared later on.

This was exciting and thrilling to meet these Illusionists and see their show.

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