Author Raymond Bean and Kidsday reporter Aidan Shelbourne at Bean's...

Author Raymond Bean and Kidsday reporter Aidan Shelbourne at Bean's Miller Place home Credit: Shelbourne family

Raymond Bean, a children’s author, he recently sat down with me in his Miller Place home. He has been a Long Island teacher for 18 years, three years as a second-grade teacher and the past 15 as a fourth-grade teacher. He loved to write as a kid, and approximately 15 years ago he started sending ideas to agents. He loves to write humorous books for kids because he loves all things silly and funny because he can’t help himself.

Mr. Bean has written 20 books, including his first series titled “Sweet Farts” which has three books and was self-published in 2008. He says this series is special to him because the idea came from a time in his own class with his students conducting science projects when gas was passed and he thought, “I wonder if a kid could make human farts smell better.” Other series titles are “Benji Franklin, Kid Zillionaire,” “School is a Nightmare” and “Out of This World.”

When not at work he makes his family a priority, spending all free time with them and vacationing when they can. He leaves at least two hours a night to write because he says that in order to be a successful writer, you need discipline.

Currently he is writing comics for the new Amazon Rapids app, which is an interactive reading app. He has already written 50 comics. He would like to write an adult humor book in the near future as well. I have read “Sweet Farts” and now I am on the second Benji Franklin book. I enjoy them all, but “Sweet Farts” is my favorite.

I had a great time meeting Raymond Bean and his family. I enjoy reading his books and will start reading the comics now, too, on my Amazon Rapids app.