Kidsday reporters from front left, Angelina Dakis, Brenden Robano, Ryan...

Kidsday reporters from front left, Angelina Dakis, Brenden Robano, Ryan Janotta and Hailey Grieco meet with the cast of Nickelodeon's "Make It Pop." Back, from left, Louriza Tronco, Dale Whibley, Megan Lee and Erika Tham. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

One of the best days we have had this year was getting the chance to meet the cast of the Nickelodeon show “Make It Pop.” We met Louriza Tronco, who plays Jodi, Dale Whibley, who plays Caleb, Megan Lee (Sun Hi) and Erika Tham (Corki). It was an honor to interview them and they were so funny and fun to talk to about their show and how they got started in acting. We liked that they were all such good friends, too. We enjoyed learning about where all the cast members are from. We also learned the show is filmed in Toronto, Canada.

If you haven’t seen the show, you are missing out. It is all about three girls who go to a boarding school and they are all so different. One really likes fashion, another girl likes to study almost all the time and one just wants to be the biggest star possible. All three of them are also trying to become the next big band and that is where Caleb comes in, he is trying to get that going too. There is lots of good music and fun and most of all how they are really good friends even though they are all different.

They just started their second season so we wanted to know what has been their favorite scene in all the episodes they did. They all had different responses:

Louriza: I love doing scenes with this guy because he makes me laugh non-stop. I love all the group scenes. But Jodi, I feel has a lot of drama in the second season. And a lot of boy troubles. I get to work with this guy as my date.

Dale: actually my very first on-camera kiss was with Louriza. I thought that was a pretty cool moment.

Megan: I have to say my favorite scene was when in episode 7, in the quarantine episode where I lose my cell phone and I get to act like James Bond. I go into the air vent, which was actually not metal. It was wood, but painted to look like it was metal. I was crawling in the little box and they were filming and I felt like James Bond.

Erika: I think from the season we’re working on now, season 2, there’s really special guest appearances that I think have been really fun. I love to do scenes with John-Allen who plays Jared, my on-screen boyfriend, and this season there’s a lot of funny scenes we have together. He’s so great to work with. It’s always so much fun doing scenes with him.

When we were done asking them our questions, we took a picture in front of the Nickelodeon sign in the room. We took two regular smiling ones, and one silly one. We had so much fun! When we were done taking the pictures, we told them that we watched the first episode in class, and they said that we were so lucky. We had so much fun!