"Monstrous Devices" by Damien Love

"Monstrous Devices" by Damien Love Credit: Penguin Random House books

I read the book "Monstrous Devices" by Damien Love (Penguin Young Readers Group).

"Monstrous Devices" is about robots that are somehow controlled by their evil masters and can do things on their own. This old tin robot is given to the main character, Alex, by his grandfather. Soon there is danger, and just as things look bad, Alex’s grandfather arrives.

One part of the book that I can make a connection with is when he when he had to write an essay about decaying teeth, but he did not know how to stretch that out to 800 words. I can relate to this because I cannot write long essays either.

If you like mysteries, robots and suspense, you will love this book.

Jennifer Spaccaforno’s sixth-grade English class, North Country Road Middle School, Miller Place