Kidsday reporters Sean Boehmann, left, and Jose Giron Orellana in the multisensory...

Kidsday reporters Sean Boehmann, left, and Jose Giron Orellana in the multisensory room of Canaan Elementary School in Patchogue. Credit: Jennifer Hempfling

We have a new playroom that was added to our school. We call it the multisensory playroom. It is the best — we love going in there when we have indoor recess or just an added playtime.

The room is designed for all ages and grades. The room has a padded floor, so we have to take our shoes off. Inside there are large Lego type blocks to build anything you can imagine. There is also a section of wooden blocks and tracks to put together. We build our own cars, then design the tracks and race. There is also a kitchen set, a few tunnels, soft blocks, puzzles, dolls and more. Our class loves to build forts and large racetracks when we go in.

We spoke to many students throughout the school and asked what they thought about the room. Collectively, the common answer was, it’s fun! We feel that it’s a place where you can use your imagination and there are no rules, you make the most of it yourself.

Sometimes we wish we could stay there all day and play. No matter what grade or class that is in the room, one thing is certain, you will always hear laughter when you pass by.

Jennifer Hempfling’s fifth-grade class, Canaan Elementary School, Patchogue

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