Kidsday reporter Brayden Elenterio hugs his dog,  Brody.

Kidsday reporter Brayden Elenterio hugs his dog, Brody. Credit: Katelin Elenterio

I was on my way upstate to my grandparents’ house with a special treat I was able to get for my dog, Brody, from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory in Vermont. When we finally got to the house, I ran out of the car and ran to the door. As soon as I opened the door, Brody started jumping on me. I hadn’t seen Brody in a while, and I missed him and he missed me. We had Brody for a little over a year, but my allergies were so bad, we had to let Brody stay with my grandparents.

After I got my stuff unpacked, Brody followed me. Brody was so excited to see me, he followed me everywhere! I grabbed a ball and ran outside, and Brody followed. We started playing ball. Whenever Brody came back, he always expected tug-o war. After playing ball, I gave him the treat.

Later that day, everybody got in the car and we started driving to a restaurant named Rainbow Lodge. We ate really good food, and after that we got to get free fish food for the pond in the back because my grandpa is a friend of the whole staff. We went in the back to throw food to the fish, and I was thinking if Brody were here, he would probably eat the fish! We were walking out of the restaurant to go back home. As soon as we walked outside, we saw a bear eating in the trash bin, and everybody was taking pictures. I was thinking if Brody were here, the bear would probably eat him!

When we finally made it home at midnight, Brody started jumping on me. I got into my pajamas and went downstairs to watch a movie. Brody lay next to me. After that, I went to bed and dreamed the whole day over again! I wish I could see and be with Brody every day, but my allergies won’t let me. It is always so special when Brody and I get back together, but I wish I could be with my special friend every day!