Kidsday reporter Logan Zimmerly prepares for a movie call.

Kidsday reporter Logan Zimmerly prepares for a movie call. Credit: Zimmerly family

I was in my first television commercial when I was 18 months old. I was out to dinner with my family at Applebee’s and ended up in one of their national commercials. After that, my sister and I got a talent manager who sends us on auditions and helps us book acting and modeling jobs. Mine have included being on a toy drum box for Toys ‘R’ Us, having my picture in a McGraw Hill textbook, and working as a fit model for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew. As a fit model I go into New York City and try on clothes for the designers to see how they look and fit.

I have also worked as an extra in movies and television. An extra is someone who is in the background in the scene. I have been on “The Good Wife,” “The Family,” and a Netflix series “Iron Fist.”

My sister and I get to work together sometimes. We worked on a movie and a BMW commercial together. I also recently worked on the movie, “The Comedian” that just came out, with Robert De Niro and Danny DeVito in a scene that they filmed in Queens.

It’s exciting to work with famous people and it’s interesting to see how much work goes into every scene of a television show or movie. We can spend an entire day filming just one scene over and over again. You never know if you’ll be waiting around a long time to shoot your scene, so I always bring something to keep me busy.

Acting and modeling is a fun way for kids to get work experience and make some money to save for college.