Kids will do just about anything to get all of...

Kids will do just about anything to get all of their holiday toys this year -- except eat spinach, according to a new survey from Walmart. Credit: Handout

Kids are willing to do almost anything to get the toys they want for the holidays, from cleaning their room to giving up playtime. 

According to Walmart's Talking Holiday Toys Survey, 68 percent of kids said they would clean their rooms daily for a year, while 84 percent would work hard and give up playtime in order to get everything on their wish lists. 

What's not on the list? Eating spinach for a year -- only 23 percent of kids said they would to get their holiday toys. 

Walmart surveyed more than 1,000 children ages 3-11 and their parents in September of this year. 

The survey also found a few fun facts about Mom and Dad, too. 

Time-outs for bad behavior doesn't mean less gifts. While the majority of kids think their behavior impacts the amount of holiday toys they get, 78 percent of parents plan to buy the same amount of toys for their children regardless of how naughty or nice they've been throughout the year.

Dolls and action figures top kids' wish lists, but educational toys are what parents want to give their kids this season.

Wondering if your kids find their gifts ahead of Christmas? Walmart's survey found nearly twice as many kids as their parents say they found their gifts before the big morning (23 percent vs. 14 percent). A closet is the top hiding place.

This year, Walmart is introducing Toyland Tuesday, a toy rollback program offering parents the opportunity to vote on their toy savings. On Nov. 29 and Dec. 6, parents can choose between two toys to go on rollback the following Tuesday.