Singer Nick Howard with Kidsday reporters, from left,  Samantha Silie,...

Singer Nick Howard with Kidsday reporters, from left,  Samantha Silie, Jenna Smith, Jessica Palencia and Brae Iglesias, all of Greenport, at Sweet 'n' Savory Creperie in Port Jefferson. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We were lucky enough to sit down with famous singer and songwriter Nick Howard whose newest release is “Our Time.” Nick was the winner of the show, “The Voice of Germany in 2012.” Since then he has released four studio albums, and performed live on TV in both the United States and Europe. On New Year’s Eve in 2013, he performed live in front of one million people in the city of Berlin.

Nick was encouraged to become a singer by his family who is also involved with music. He said he is a huge Beatles fan. Nick’s presence was calming which made speaking with him exciting and pleasant. Nick met us at the Sweet 'n' Savory Creperie in Port Jefferson right before he had to get on the ferry to go to Connecticut for appearances.

We wanted to know when he first wanted to be a singer. Nick told us that he always wanted to be a singer. He said that his family was very musical when he was growing up. He laughed and told us that when he learned that he could be paid for singing, it made him want to be a singer even more.

We wanted to know his musical inspirations growing up and he mentioned a few: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Script, Oasis, and Coldplay. He added that he also is inspired by everyday people.

We wanted to know which was more fun -- performing live or making music videos. Nick said he loves singing in front of an audience because they sing along. In a video you have to keep repeating what you are doing, he said. In his latest video, “Our Time,” he said he had to walk back and forth on a beach in New Jersey about 50 times.

Even though live performances are fun, we wanted to know if he gets nervous. He said, yes, but it is more excited kind of nervous, not fear. Imagine being in front of almost the whole population of New York City, he said. “It’s thrilling!”

Forgetting things is something we all do, but we wanted to know if Nick ever forgot his lines to his own songs while on stage. Nick said it happens all the time! He added that sometimes he gets distracted -- like seeing a sign or something going on in the crowd -- and he forgets where he was in the song. So that’s when he says to the crowd, “You sing!” 

Since he gives lots and lots of performances, we wanted to know his favorite song to perform. Nick told us that it depends on how the crowd is feeling. The best song to perform is the one that connects him with the crowd. Right now that song is his latest release, “Our Time.”

We would love it if it happened to us, but we wanted to know what he did the first time he heard his own song on the radio. Nick said that it totally freaked him out, but he ended up singing along.

Besides singing, we wanted to know Nick’s hobbies. He told us that since he was 11, he was really interested in planes and flying. He added that he recently took his first flying lesson. He also loves playing and watching soccer. His favorite team is Crystal Palace, a English professional soccer club. Also since he spends a lot of time in New York City, he loves the Yankees and the Giants.

We would like to thank Nick for taking time out of his day to spend with us. We had lots of fun! Thanks, Nick and we are big fans of his latest single “Our Time” which is getting so much airplay on Radio Disney.

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