From left, Kidsday reporters Stash Chorowski, Avery Jeffares (standing), Mikayla...

From left, Kidsday reporters Stash Chorowski, Avery Jeffares (standing), Mikayla Sydnor and Abigail Galaris play the Nintendo Switch. Credit: Melinda Moran

Our class was able to use and review the Nintendo Switch ($299.99), which was released in the spring. The class played Just Dance 2017 and a few other Switch games. We purchased an adapter that allowed us to use the system in our class on the interactive whiteboard as well as using it in its handheld form. Here’s what some of us thought:

“The Nintendo Switch is an awesome invention and has super fun games. One of my favorite games is 1-2 Switch. It has so many mini games that are a lot of fun. I loved the Nintendo Switch and I want to play it with my family,” wrote Lauren.

“Just Dance is a game where you dance to songs and get stars on how great your dancing is. The game I loved was 1-2 Switch. The Nintendo Switch does not need internet. You can take anywhere you would like. You can even bring it to Hawaii. It is so much fun,” wrote Joely.

“The Nintendo Switch is so much fun. 1-2 Switch is a game that is made up of all sorts of mini games, [including] milking a cow, being wizards, guess the amount of balls, and shaving. It was so much fun to play; the mini game that I played was being wizards. I recommend the Nintendo Switch because it is just so much fun to play with, and you can play it with your friends or family,” wrote Breanna.

Amber wrote: “Nintendo Switch is amazing! I love the idea that it is portable.”

“It is a great thing to play with your friends when you have no plans or nothing to do because it keeps you busy and it’s really fun. It has great games, and some of them give you exercise by making you move around,” wrote Michael.

“I think the Nintendo Switch is so much fun. I personally love 1-2 Switch and Just Dance 2017. They are both so much fun to play, whether it is with someone or alone,” wrote Abigail.