Kidsday reporter Jackson Stollmack, third from left, on the zip...

Kidsday reporter Jackson Stollmack, third from left, on the zip line over Niagara Falls. Credit: Stollmack Family

Last summer, two of my friends and I visited Niagara Falls for a couple of days. Our families each rented a room at the Hilton. After we checked into our rooms, we walked over to the falls and took some pictures and videos. We went to the gift shop there for a while and looked at some cool baked goods and T-shirts. Once we left, we went back to the main area to wait for the lights inside of the falls to come on. When the lights finally came on, we all got very excited and took more pictures.

The next day, we went on a boat that takes us very close to the falls. While we were on it, I took lots of pictures and video with my GoPro. It was very cool being so close to the falls. After the boat completed its loop, everybody got off and we watched an Elvis impersonator and ate Canada’s version of McDonald’s (which I think tasted better actually).

Once we finished eating we decided that we should do a zip line over the falls (not actually over, but close). We waited in line for about a half-hour until it was finally time to go. After getting strapped in, it was a little scary looking down, but as soon as we started moving, it felt awesome. I could see the falls so clearly. It was so cool! After the ride, our parents asked us how it was, and we all responded awesome! The ride added to the great memory of our trip to Niagara Falls.