Donating food to a pantry is a great way to...

Donating food to a pantry is a great way to help the community. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Rachel Carcamo

Have you ever participated in a food drive? We have at our school. We help the needy by giving them food they need to stay alive. The food is donated to St. Martha’s Parish food pantry in Uniondale and the Knights of Columbus in Bethpage. Last year we were able to collect 30 huge boxes of cans and boxes of food, and this was all done by kids from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade.

We collect in November for Thanksgiving, and the kids look forward to doing it again this fall. Another great aspect to this is the seventh- and eighth-grade Honor Society students volunteer at the food pantries. They package the food and then help distribute it.

My dad and I brought in cans of food. I was very eager to participate. Food drives are amazing.