Kidsday reporters Matthew Kunkel, left, Wally Faiz, Pranav Vijayababu and...

Kidsday reporters Matthew Kunkel, left, Wally Faiz, Pranav Vijayababu and Matias Kalaitzis work in the garden of their outdoor classroom at Bretton Woods Elementary School in Hauppauge. Credit: Veronica Weeks

Have you ever gotten bored with your regular classroom? Here at Bretton Woods Elementary School the kids are lucky to have an outdoor classroom.

It is mostly used for outdoor research such as science and social studies. Some classes use it just to have a little more time outdoors. Teachers take turns bringing their classes out. There are several picnic benches for students to sit on. Sometimes teachers take their classes out to do some reading or listen to the teacher read a great story.  

It’s always a fun experience to do our work and get fresh air at the same time. We also have swings out there so when you're done with your work, you can play. Our teachers, Mrs. Weeks and Mrs. Dungate, love playing tag with all their students.

Our class also has its own butterfly garden that the third-graders use to release their butterflies. Normally, we visit it during the fall and spring when it’s not too cold or hot. We are also looking forward to seeing all of our perennial plants bloom in the garden this spring. We can’t wait to see the third-grade classes release their butterflies in the garden.

It’s a really fun experience to have a classroom outside. You might want to consider raising money and talking to your teachers to see if they can build an outdoor classroom or a butterfly garden to make school a fun experience.

Tara Dungate and Veronica Weeks' fifth-grade class, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge

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