In "Paddington 2," Paddington finds himself wrongfully convicted of stealing...

In "Paddington 2," Paddington finds himself wrongfully convicted of stealing a gift for his Aunt Lucy. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We recently saw the movie “Paddington 2” and liked it a lot.

Aunt Lucy means so much to Paddington. Paddington knows how much she has done for him, such as taking care of him and sending him to London, where she really wants to go, for a better life.

Paddington wants to show his appreciation to her, so he decides to buy an expensive London pop-up book because Aunt Lucy unfortunately can’t to visit London. Paddington finds the perfect gift, but that night it gets stolen by a man in disguise. The police find Paddington on the scene, and he is accused of stealing the book. Although Paddington is innocent, he is sentenced to 10 years in jail. The Brown family tries to save him. Will they be able to save him and catch the thief, or will Paddington be a goner?

One of our favorite parts was when Paddington squirts ketchup and mustard on Knuckles, the prison chef. Paddington tries to fix it, but it only gets worse! Another of our favorite parts was when Paddington mistakenly shaves his customer’s hair off and tries to stick it back on with marmalade. A third favorite and funny part of the movie was when Jonathan B. and Judy B. are in the pay phone booth and are using a recording device for a plan to catch the thief. We also liked when Paddington and the criminals are riding in a hot-air balloon.

We rate this movie 5 smiles because it’s exciting and funny. We would add that it is a heart-touching, humor-packed thrill ride, too. Finally, it brings a lot of suspense and thrills and gave us goose bumps.

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