Many kids in the survey preferred taking the bus because...

Many kids in the survey preferred taking the bus because they had more time with friends. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Julia Deal

School just started, and you just can’t be late. Many students get to school in different ways. We were curious about the ways kids get to school each day, so we took a survey of exactly 100 kids from Lincoln Avenue Elementary School. We asked, “What is your favorite way to get to school?” Here are our results:

Bus: 38

Bike: 33

Car: 29

Walk: 0

We also asked five kids why this was their favorite way. The first person said bike because it makes her feel like she has more energy. The second kid said his favorite way was a car because it is convenient, faster and easier. The third kid also said bike because it is one of her favorite things to do, and she can do it while going to school. The fourth kid said bike because she loves to ride it, and she loves the breeze. Lastly, someone said bike because it is fun, easy and it gives you exercise.

We thought that most kids would pick bike. We were wrong. Surprisingly, the most people picked bus. Lots of kids like the bus because it means more time with their friends.