Every parent has been there -- your kid is excited about the season's "it" toy, instantly puts it on his/her wish list and eagerly awaits the holiday. And then just like that, the toy is sold out (or nearly sold out), sometimes just as it hits the store shelves.

When you try to prepare them for the disappointment, they often respond: "Don't worry, Santa will bring it." Well, here are some toys even the big guy is going to have a hard time getting his hands on this holiday season.

"Getting the hottest holiday toys can sometimes be a challenge, especially with some of the most popular items already selling out," said Laurie Schacht, chief toy officer for the Toy Insider. "Surprise reveal toys, interactive pets and toys based on favorite movies and TV shows will most definitely be flying off the shelves."

So, don't panic -- yet! Retailers are restocking on a daily basis. Even if you don't see a great sale, you might grab them while you can.

Untamed Jailbreak Playset

Credit: WowWee

When the Untamed dinos get out of control, contain them in the Jailbreak Playset. The cage comes with Infrared, an exclusive T-Rex with glow-in-the-dark eyes. Be careful: When you pull the lever, Infrared bursts out of his cage. For ages 5 and older. $24.99 at untamed.wowwee.com.

Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

Credit: MGA Entertainment

Reveal your Poopsie Surprise Unicorn by MGA Entertainment. Then, feed your unicorn and sit her on the glitter potty, and receive a surprise from her — unicorn poop (slime). Transform the slime with Unicorn Magic and Unicorn Sparkle. There are 20 magic surprises included in each Surprise Unicorn and there are four unicorns to collect. For ages 5 and older. $49.99 at poopsie.mgae.com

Star Wars Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie

Credit: Hasbro

Now all young Jedis get their own sidekick. The FurReal Ultimate Co-Pilot Chewie stands 16 inches tall and comes with more than 100 sound and motion combinations with signature Wookiee talk back interaction. For ages 4 and older. $129.99 at starwars.hasbro.com


Credit: Just Play

These new surprise dolls with unique hairstyles in bright colors are based on the 12 girls from the Hairdorables videos on YouTube. Each doll comes with 11 accessories. There are 36 Hairdorables dolls to collect in Series 1. For ages 3 and older. $12.99 each at hairdorables.com.

Treasure X

Credit: Moose Toys

Go on a hunt like no other with Treasure X. Rip, fizz and chip away for real gold-dipped treasure through 10 levels of surprises. There are 42 action figure to reveal and collect. For ages 5 and older. $9.84 at moosetoys.com

Hatchimals HatchiBabies

Credit: Spin Master

Kids can discover if they have a HatchiBaby boy or girl once hatched from its egg. Their big, color-changing eyes reveal how they are feeling, their beaks move and more. Inside the shell, there is a highchair, four peel-and-reveal hidden accessories, like a rattle, a bottle, a hairbrush and a baby toy, which can be used to feed, tickle and play with the HatchiBaby. These Hatchimals remain babies forever. For ages 5 and older. $59.99 at shop.spinmaster.com.


Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Credit: Lego

The building kit, as seen in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," comes with six minifigures, a dormitory, potions classroom, a Hedwig owl figurine, cauldrons, wands, candles and more accessories. For ages 8 and older. $69.99.at shop.lego.com.


Credit: Zuru

Find plush animals in this pink mystery egg, featuring a reversible sequin heart on their stomachs. Each animal comes with a "Boo-Boocorn" baby hidden inside a second secret egg. There are 12 to collect, including a puppy, kitten, hamster, bunny, unicorn and monkey. For ages 3 and older. $24.99 at rainbocorns.zuru.com.

Mega Construx Breakout Beasts

Credit: Mattel

Crack open the mystery egg to reveal a slimy surprise, then dig out the pieces and build your beast. Collect all five (Torchwing, Blackheart, Boulder, Tempyst and Ironclaw) and three slime colors, then mix and match parts to create your very own. For ages 5 and older. $9.99 at shop.mattel.com

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise

Credit: MGA Entertainment

L.O.L. Surprise dolls are looking for their pets using clues across the L.O.L. Eye Spy series. Unbox this giant purse to find more than 60 new surprises, including limited edition dolls, a limited edition pet, face masks, brushable hairstyles, a spy glass and much more. For ages 5 and older. $89.99 at lolsurprise.mgae.com.


Credit: Hasbro

The louder kids yell, the faster they move. These sound-activated spider pets respond to talking, yelling, clapping, singing, music and more as their eyes light up and their legs move. For ages 5 and older. $14.99 at yellies.hasbro.com.

Pomsies Patches Plush

Credit: Skyrocket

Pomsies are wearable pom-pom pets. They react when you touch and play with them, with more than 50 different responses such as purring, eating and singing. A brush is included with each Pomsie to give them extra love and care. For ages 3 and older. $14.99 at amazon.com.

Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Egg

Credit: Bonker's Toys

Reveal a lights and sounds vehicle, rare figures, special putty, a limited edition plush and more. No two Ryan’s World Giant Mystery Eggs are the same. For ages 3 and older. $39.99 at bonkerstoys.com


Credit: Moose Toys

The Scruff-a-Luvs from Moose Toys are a mystery at first. Each comes as a matted ball of fur, showing only its eyes. To reveal your rescue animal (dog, cat or bunny), simply wash it in water, towel dry, blast dry it with a hair dryer, and brush and style its fur. Each plush comes with a collar, name tag, adoption certificate, brush and hair clips. For ages 4 and older. $19.99 at moosetoys.com.

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe Ninja Action Figure Assortment

Based on Nickelodeon's new animated show of the same name, these action figures flip, feature sound effects and more. The line includes four Ninja Turtles. For ages 3 and older. $12.99 at playmatestoys.com.

Boxy Girls

Credit: Jay@Play

These 8-inch-tall, Walmart-exclusive fashion dolls love to shop online. Each Boxy Girl comes with four packages to unbox surprise items such as shoes, bags, makeup, jewelry and clothes. Each package looks just like a real shipping box with a label. There also are stickers and thank-you notes inside. For ages 6 and older. $14.99 at walmart.com.


Gross Smashers

Credit: Zuru

There are more than 100 gross Smasher charcters to collect, which are packaged in a Smashball styled like an eye. Kids throw or smash open the packaging to reveal the character. Series 2 features limited edition and very rare figures in gross categories such as Filthy Food, Odd Bodies, Toilet Humor and Ooze Dudes. For ages 5 and older. $2.99 (1-Pack), $4.99 (3-Pack), $9.99 (8-Pack) at smashersworld.zuru.com.

Little Live Pets Wrapples

Credit: Moose Toys

Wrap your 'Furry Best Friend' around your wrist and take it anywhere. The cute pet interacts as you talk and pet it, with more than 50 sounds and reactions such as giggling and purring. Its eyes even light up when it feels super happy. For ages 5 and older. $14.99 at littlelivepets.com.

Air Hogs Supernova

Credit: Spin Master

Control the Supernova with your hands, and learn more than 30 moves and nine tricks. The drone features five motion-sensitive sensors, interactive LED light and more. For ages 8 and older. $39.99 at shop.spinmaster.com.

Pikmi Pops Giant Flipmi Flips

This giant collectible looks like cotton candy and comes with a large reversible plush, one or two medium exlusive scented plush, eight surprises such as badges, gel pens, stickers, charms and more. For ages 5 and older. $44.99 at moosetoys.com.