Kidsday reporter Kerry Harrington, of Maria Regina School in Seaford,...

Kidsday reporter Kerry Harrington, of Maria Regina School in Seaford, with some of her postcards. Credit: Harrington family

Whether I’m going out of the country or just to a cute little town for the day, I always return home with a postcard.

Why a postcard? Well, I could buy a T-shirt that I will grow out of in a few  years' time, or a keychain that is sure to get lost in the depths of my backpack.

Purchasing postcards seems the most practical because they serve as souvenirs and decor. They are like a snapshot of the vacation. One picture can bring memories of the vacation flooding back. Whenever I go through my postcards I reminisce on the memories of great vacations. With the postcard it feels like part of the vacation is still present and will always be. They are easy to store and not expensive.

My collection of postcards is not large yet, but one day I hope I can make it something for my descendants to continue. Maybe when you are on your next vacation, in the gift shop pondering what souvenir to bring home, you, too, will choose a postcard. 

Rosemary Meehan's eighth-grade class, Maria Regina School, Seaford

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