Kidsday reporters, bottom from left, Quinn Reilly, Nicholas Henry, April...

Kidsday reporters, bottom from left, Quinn Reilly, Nicholas Henry, April Allegretto and Jessica Bernstein with the Power Rangers cast, top from left, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery and Becky G. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Earlier this week, we saw the new “Power Rangers” movie. The movie started by explaining the history behind the Power Rangers and how they came to be Power Rangers. Jason (the Red Ranger, played by Dacre Montgomery), Billy (Blue, RJ Cyler), Trini (Yellow, Becky G.), Zack (Black, Ludi Lin) and (Pink, Naomi Scott) are high school students in the town of Angel Grove. Each of the characters has a unique personality, and is not accepted by peers. They all have problems or insecurities that prevent them from being too friendly and outgoing.

Jason, Kimberly and Billy meet in detention. Billy asks Jason to come with him to the old gold mine to help him. Once there, they meet up with three other outcasts hanging out at the mine. An explosion causes the group to discover five glowing coins that had been hidden for thousands of years. Touching the coins, the kids are given superhuman powers.

Next, they discover an underground spaceship where they learn about the history of the coins from Zordon and that they have been chosen to be Power Rangers. They learn of the death of the former Rangers and how they tried to protect a crystal from getting into the evil hands of Rita, a Power Ranger who turned evil. The kids were told that Rita (Elizabeth Banks) was coming back to find the hidden crystal and destroy Earth. The Power Rangers need to find and protect the crystal.

The kids begin to train using their powers and learning how to work together. They truly show how much they care about one another and become a true team. It is at this time that they are finally able to unlock the secret of how to morph into their armor. The Power Rangers work together to help save the planet from Rita.

After the screening, we met with the cast members. Nick asked them if they had any special training before filming the movie. They all commented that they had to work extremely hard physically, but they also had to eat well too. There were a lot of fruits and veggies that were eaten and RJ commented on how much he liked carrots.

April asked if there were any special hidden talents the cast could share with the group and we were surprised by the “bubbles” Ludi made and the funny sounds that Dacre was able to create. Did you know that Naomi can make her tongue belly dance?

Quinn asked the cast if they had ever been bullied as kids. In the movie, RJ Cyler’s character, Billy, had been bullied and Dacre’s character, Jason, stuck up for him. We were surprised to hear that all of the members of the cast admitted to being bullied when they were younger. They told us that the key to dealing with bullies is how you deal with them — by not dealing with them.

Meeting the cast was awesome, just like the movie! There were so many amazing parts that we couldn’t decide on just one. Nick especially liked the back story of how the Rangers actually learned how to be Rangers by working together as a team. April loved all the vehicles and how each vehicle was specifically designed to work with and for the Power Ranger it was designed for. A funny part in the movie is what Jessica especially liked. There was a scene in which Becky G. and Naomi bonded over doughnuts. You’ll have to see it to believe it. It was funny and both actors told us how long it took to practice. The common theme of the movie was that by working together, anything can be accomplished. This was especially true at the end of the movie. Quinn said his favorite part showed just that: Just when you thought the Power Rangers couldn’t make it, they pulled together by working as a team. The team came together to morph into one mighty unbeatable force. We all agreed that at the end of the movie we felt good and came away with a strong sense of working together instead of against each other. We were so happy to have had the opportunity to see the movie and recommend it to everyone. Definitely a 5-smile movie.