Being a Bucket Filler school is amazing. To be a Bucket Filler, you need to do the big six. What are the big six? Being safe, respectful, responsible, positive, kind and a superstar.

Everyone, no matter how old, should always show respect. You could be respectful by giving a compliment to somebody. Being responsible means following through with something that somebody asks you to do. That way, you can prove to them that you are capable of doing that the next time they ask.

A positive person is someone who has an upbeat attitude. Everyone likes to be around happy, smiling people. To be kind is to be thoughtful to everybody. You can be kind by greeting someone in the morning or holding the door for them.

Tony Sinanis, our principal at Cantiague Elementary School in Jericho, came up with the big six during his first year in 2007-2008. When a teacher tells the principal that somebody is a Bucket Filler, that person's name is read to the school, and they get a prize. We think the Bucket Filler program motivates kids to be better people. We know it has that effect on us.

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