Camron Lamantia  with his late mother, Christina Lamantia.

Camron Lamantia with his late mother, Christina Lamantia. Credit: Lamantia family

I think of myself as a typical fourth grader, but I have a different and bigger story than most of my peers . . .

I was at my grandma’s house eating dinner when my dad knocked on the door. I was thinking he just wanted dinner but instead he told me that in 15 days I was getting adopted! The only thing that was disappointing was that my mom had passed away before my adoption. [The man Camron is calling his dad is actually his uncle, his birth mother’s brother, who adopted him].

Without expecting it, the day had finally come! I was anxious to get there. It was the best day of my life! I remember thinking that it was so empty for such a big place. When we waited outside of the court I was happy to see that most of my family was there.

Then we finally came into the courtroom. That is when I started to get my hopes up. The judge left an open seat for my mom. The judge said some stuff that I didn’t understand. I was not the only one getting adopted at that time. The judge finally announced that I was adopted! My family clapped, and some cried. I went to a diner after the adoption, and of course I had chicken, which made me really happy. Although my mom passed away I knew she was with me at the adoption.

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