"Elvis and the Underdogs" by Jenny Lee

(Balzer + Bray) is a very interesting and exciting book.

Benjamin is a 10-year-old boy, and he likes to be called Benji. He is sickly and accident prone, and he faints a lot. During school, he faints. When he gets to a hospital, his nurse gives him an ugly helmet to wear to protect him when he falls or faints.

When he goes back to school, a bully makes fun of him. His other option was to get a dog so the dog would help him if he was about to faint -- by barking. Benji was allergic to dogs, but he finally got his mom to buy a dog. A few weeks later, when the dog arrived, his cage was the size of a tiger cage. When they opened the cage, a big Newfoundland came out.

In the story, the dog wasn't a usual dog; the dog could talk. Only Benji could understand what the dog was saying. The dog's name was Parker Elvis Pembroke IV. The story gets more interesting from here!

Rating: 5 of 5

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