If you're training for a 5K, support is one of...

If you're training for a 5K, support is one of the things to keep you running. Credit: Photos.com

I completed Week One of the LIFitMoms.com virtual 5K training program and, considering that I have not stuck to an exercise routine in more than a year, I'm happy to say to say I'm still standing -- and I feel great!

My training days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week; you can choose the days that work for you as long as you have a recovery day in between each walk/run. I began each workout with a five minute warm-up to get my body moving and five minute cool-down, which in theory helped me catch my breath.

The running portion of the workout was only a minute at a clip, followed by a recovery walk for a bit longer and then I repeated the cycle several times. The whole workout lasted about 30 minutes. I surprised myself that I was able to run, albeit, slowly, for the duration of the routine. Yes, I was out of breath and my shins and feet were burning, but I did it.

Probably the biggest thing that kept me moving was the support. For starters, the idea of a virtual training program is that I have a behind-the-scenes coach, encouraging me every step of the way. After each workout, I check in online with Adele Arkin, the founder of LIFitMoms.com. I feel accountable knowing she will follow up with me. A friend of mine is also following the same training program and we check in with each other after a workout.

Mostly, though, my husband, Jason, has been a huge support. If I was too tired or didn't feel like running, he'd push me to go and said he'd bring Maggie to the playground so we can go together. Watching them play as I ran around the track was just what I needed. It feels good to have survived Week One.

What kind of support do you have when training for a race? How do you stick with it?

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