Kidsday reporters James Politi, left, and Hailey Vargas, right, with...

Kidsday reporters James Politi, left, and Hailey Vargas, right, with Challenger Basketball players from second from left: Anthony Sepulveda, Robert Wetzel, Brandon Lane and Matthew D'Angelo. Credit: Heather Mason

Basketball is a growing sport at Salk Middle School in Levittown. A lot of kids like it, and so does the Challengers basketball team.

Every day these kids train hard and they try their best. We recently had the opportunity to talk to some of the members of the Challenger team at our school. This team was put together for students in my school who have learning disabilities. All kids can be part of the Challenger team in one way or another. The age group that can play is middle school and high school. They can either play on the team or be part of the coaching staff. They play after school in the gym.

Every single kid said they enjoy being on the team because they make new friends, they love shooting the ball in the hoop and they love the sport. We hope these kids become real basketball players one day. These guys deserve a trophy because they sure do put their backs into this. They also play against Wisdom Lane, another school in our district.