Kids, do you ever go home on a Friday when you haven't said to your friends and classmates either thank you or sorry? Well, if you have, try the thank you or sorry program that we do in our school. This is a great way to clear out your head and help you feel a little bit better about yourself. It is a good way to stop silly arguments, too.

We do it in our school and our teacher, Donna Haakonson, buys Smarties, Sweet Tarts and other small packages of little candies to give out to those who participate. She told us that she has been doing this in her classroom for almost 10 years. Here is how it works: Right near the end of the day on Friday she will ask, "Does anyone have thank yous?" Kids will raise their hands and they could say, "Thank you (to a classmate) for helping me clean up my supply box when it fell." Other kids may say thank you for playing with me this week, or helping me with a problem in school or so many other things. Thank yous are the easy ones.

Then our teacher will ask, "Does anyone have a sorry to say to someone?" Those are a little harder to say. Kids will raise their hands if they do. Maybe you could say: "Sorry (classmate) for not playing with you" or anything else.

Or they might be sorry for something that happened in class.

If you participate, you get your candy reward. But, even more important, you get to go home and have a clear mind. We always look forward to this activity to end our week.