Kidsday reporters Aniela Marino and Connor Batterberry of Cherry Avenue Elementary School,...

Kidsday reporters Aniela Marino and Connor Batterberry of Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville, at Sayville Chocolatier. Credit: Melinda Moran

Sayville is our favorite town. We have lived here most of our lives and think it has some of the best places to visit. We have a recommendation for sports, sweets and Italian food:

Sayville Chocolatier (6 Main St.): At this store there is a lot of candy to choose from. Gummy worms, chocolate lollipops and cookies are just some of the tasty treats there. It smells so good in there, you will be tempted to buy it all. If you buy a big box of chocolate as a gift they will even wrap it for you. If you love candy you should go to the famous Sayville Chocolatier!

Umberto’s of Sayville (37 North Main St.): This is a really good restaurant. We think it is one of the best restaurants around! The pizza has tons of cheese and the sauce has just the right amount of seasoning. You can even watch them making the pizza pies from the front counter. Since this place is so popular, you might want to call ahead and pick it up!

Lacrosse Unlimited of Sayville (73 Main St.): At this lacrosse store you can get the many items you need to play this game. There is a large selection of lacrosse sticks and other equipment such as cleats, shorts, protective gear and more. They can help you sign up for lacrosse clinics, which can make you better. They have training items such as lacrosse nets, bounce-backs and lacrosse tape so you can improve on shooting and passing. You can also get your lacrosse stick restrung if you have bad or worn-out stringing. Lacrosse Unlimited is a great place to get gifts and will help prepare you for a great year.

Melinda Moran’s fourth- and fifth-grade Stretch students, Cherry Avenue Elementary School, West Sayville


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