We were given the fun task of reviewing the

Goalrilla Gamemaker

transportable soccer goal.

It comes in a sturdy, black carrying case that held everything needed to set it up. We started by opening the case and laying the goal out on our lawn.

Then, we put the hand pump together (two pieces) and attached the pump to the goal. Connecting the pump needed strong hands, so we got a dad to help us.

After only a few pumps, the goal inflated into the shape of a small soccer goal, and we were ready to play!

The Goalrilla does not come with a soccer ball, so you do need one of your own.

Once the goal was up and ready, we immediately began playing soccer and had tons of fun. It was sturdy and kept the ball in when goals were scored.

The only downside we found is that it is smaller than the goals we're used to playing with, so it would be perfect for smaller

players or if you are

playing small-sided games.

We found out that it comes in three sizes; we used the 5-foot-by-5-foot goal, but you can get it a little larger than that. None of them inflates to full size.

We think real soccer

fanatics would love having a Goalrilla, and soccer coaches would definitely love having one to pull out for practices when they don't have other goals to use.

Packing up the goal was more difficult, and we needed a mom for that. Our mom said that the Goalrilla deflated with a change to the hand pump and a few pumps.

She also said that the carrying case is designed to help you roll up the Goalrilla and put it away in the case. If you can't find it in a sporting goods store, you can find it online: goalrilla.com.

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