Kidsay reporter Kerry Bresnahan is set  to go snuba diving.

Kidsay reporter Kerry Bresnahan is set to go snuba diving. Credit: Bresnahan family

Snuba diving is a fun water sport. It is a combination of scuba diving and snorkeling. Unlike snorkeling, you can go deep under the water. Unlike scuba diving, you do not need to be certified to be able to snuba dive. I went snuba diving on a Disney Cruise. You should look for it on your next vacation. The best place to go snuba diving is where the water is warm and clear.

Before you get in the water, you will have a short lesson on how to snuba dive. Next, you need your gear. You will need fins, a regulator, a face mask and a weight belt. A regulator allows you to breathe underwater. A weight belt allows you to sink under the water so you don’t float on top of it and not be able to swim down to see all the cool stuff. A face mask allows you to see clearly underwater. If your face mask is foggy, you have to wet it and wipe it off! The fins help you swim. When you get in the water, you put your fins on and you put the regulator in your mouth. The regulator will be attached to an oxygen tank, which is attached to a raft. You snuba dive with a guide. The guide is in charge of the raft and all of the oxygen tanks.

Snuba diving allows you to go about 25 feet below the surface. Under the water you can see many things. You can see fish as small as your fingernail or fish as big as the oxygen tank. You will see fish in every color. You might even get lucky enough to see a shipwreck, a lobster, an octopus or a stingray. If you see something that scares you, just remember it’s more scared of you than you are of it. Do not touch any of the sea creatures because they are all very delicate. Do not touch any of the coral because you can easily destroy it. You know that you have gone too far under the water when you feel a little tug on your regulator. If you drop your regulator, do not be scared. Simply reach around to find it and pick it up. However, before you can put it back in your mouth, you must blow into it or you will get a mouth full of salt water.

And don’t forget your underwater camera.