Did you ever see or hear of Spaghetti Headz (Morphmallow)? It's a long, flexible, colorful hair accessory, but could even be worn as a bracelet. It has a small charm at the end -- some include cool abbreviations such as OMG, LOL and BFF. They go in and out of your hair easily. How does it work? First, you take a portion of your hair. Then, you place the section of your hair in the Spaghetti Headz that doesn't have the charm at the end, and twist your hair seven to nine times. Next, put your Spaghetti Headz around your hair and don't stop until you are done. You don't need to have long hair to wear this product because it can easily be cut. Wear Spaghetti Headz to a party. Twist it, charm it, and rock it. Collect all of the charm designs and mix your style.