Kidsday reporter Zander Mazzaferro, of Greenport Elementary School, comes off...

Kidsday reporter Zander Mazzaferro, of Greenport Elementary School, comes off the slide of Shotgun Falls at Splish Splash in Calverton. Credit: Julie Mazzaferro

Splish Splash is Long Island’s No. 1 water park. There are many, many great rides and games at Splish Splash.

My favorite is ride is Cliff Diver. Cliff Diver is awesome. You climb up this really, really tall staircase. You can see the expressway from up there on the top. If it’s windy out, the tower sways a little, but it’s still safe. You get such a thrill on this ride.

Splish Splash does not have any new rides coming out this year, but they will definitely come out with some new ones in the future. I’m very lucky because my dad works at Splish Splash. Some of the cool things about having my dad work there is that we get to go in the backstage area of the park. I’m friends with lots of the workers. There are picnic tables that the staff eat at. It’s just fun being a part of the group.

When you go to Splish Splash, you have to get the Dip n’ Dots. They are so good and there are lots of flavors. There’s a food court that has hot dogs, chicken, burgers and seafood. In one part of the park they have a Johnny Rockets. 

Splish Splash is not just a place for kids, it is a place for all ages. The adults can relax in the lazy river while the kids are bumping with the inflatable tubes. It’s so much fun going through the river quickly then getting back on line.

Splish Splash Water Park is located on 96 acres in Calverton. There are 30 rides split between the regular park and a kiddie section. The water used for these rides all goes through a filtration system to make sure it is clean. The park is open from May through September. You can buy a season pass or just a bracelet for the day. Either way you’ll have lots of fun!


Amy Gammon and Karen Gessner’s sixth-grade class, Greenport Elementary School


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