I think that middle school sports teams should have cuts. It teaches kids that not everyone can just show up and make a team. This helps kids know that they have to work hard for stuff and not just take everything for granted.

Many kids need to know that the amount of effort they put in makes a big difference. I surveyed 65 kids in my school. 78.1 percent of the kids said that the sports teams should have cuts. Many kids said the reason for cuts are to make the team better. 76.6 percent think that by having cuts the kids will know what they need to work on. More than half of the kids think the better players whould not receive any perks, but many kids would give the better players more playing time.

Kids think some sports have cuts because of the popularity of the sport, and more kids go out for the team than they can put on it. Some advice for the kids who don’t make the team is to never give up; try harder next year and try again. Many kids feel that those who don’t make the team shouldn’t get discouraged; don’t feel like you’re not good, either. Work hard on improvements and try again.