Credit: Blue Orange Games

One of the best games we have played in our Spanish class is Spot It! Basic Spanish (Blue Orange Games). It was really fun to be able to play a game that some of us already knew, but we also were challenged by the Spanish words.

The game is very easy to learn and comes with a lot of detailed instructions. There are many different versions, but we played “The Well” game. We have to split up the entire deck of cards. There are 55 cards in the game that have a lot of different images and words in Spanish. There is a match on every single card. You have to spot the picture to win. You match the correct word to the picture, match a picture to a picture, or word to word. This game is fun but overwhelming if you don’t know all the words. We had to have a list posted on the board of the words we did not already know. However, after a few rounds of play, we started to learn the new words quickly.

This game is portable and comes in a small durable tin (you can play in the car, home, park — anywhere). We think this game is perfect for kids who want to learn the language, but it is no longer available, so if you see it at a garage sale or find people selling one, grab it!