Kidsday reporter Matthew Saffren of Eastport Elementary School meets Yankee pitcher...

Kidsday reporter Matthew Saffren of Eastport Elementary School meets Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia at Steiner Sports at Roosevelt Field. Credit: Saffren family

If you love going to games and seeing your favorite players but never meeting them, go to Steiner Sports. You can meet players from all-time greats to rookies to amazing players now. 

There are many Steiner Sports stores, which sell autographs from players. Sometimes the players come to the stores and you might be able to meet them in person. I have met CC Sabathia, Mariano Rivera and many other players. You can ask them questions, take pictures and get an autograph from them.

The closest store is at Roosevelt Field, where there are signed jerseys, helmets and other things signed by the best players in sports that are worth a lot. The founder of the company is a man named Brandon Steiner. He interviews players about their careers on TV and podcasts. The stores have a few signings each month.

I love Steiner Sports because it’s like you are behind the scenes with the players and can connect with them. You don’t always get to meet them, but you can send in a jersey or something to be signed if the player doesn’t want a meet-and-greet type of thing.

Steiner Sports is an amazing place to go if you love sports and really want to meet your favorite player. To see who is coming next, go to

George Marino's sixth-grade class, Eastport Elementary School


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