Kidsday reporters were in shorts at the coding camp at...

Kidsday reporters were in shorts at the coding camp at the Microsoft Store in Manhattan when actress Gabriella Pizzolo who plays Suzie on "Stranger Things," visited. The reporters are, from left, Brooke Mazzei, Caitlin Kenney and Elizabeth Kenney. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

The Camp Know Where workshop at the Microsoft Store in Manhattan, was an exciting experience including coding and the popular Netflix TV series “Stranger Things.” The campers worked in teams as the characters Dustin and Suzie to decode each other’s messages using Morse code  to develop their own "Stranger Things"-themed movie. Kids are able to create their own creatures and adventures.

Gabriella Pizzolo the actress  who plays Suzie made a surprise appearance. She went around and gave clues to help the campers decode the hidden messages. Along with meeting her, we interviewed her and asked her a variety of questions about her life on and off the screen.

We asked Gabriella if she ever took a coding class when she was in middle school. Gabriella said, “When I was in middle school, I took a tech class. I never took a coding class, and am actually really excited to get to learn more about it today.” She added, “We use coding every day in our lives, and I think that’s what I enjoy most is learning how much you really use it.”

She talked about her experience with coding and some of her favorite coding projects. She told us about a robotic butterfly that she has constructed. Gabby   said it flew around  her house until her cat  grabbed it. She said that this project was her all-time favorite thing to code.

We asked her if she had seen “Stranger Things” before she was cast in it, and she said that she loved the show and was excited to become part of the cast. We asked Gabriella if she had a favorite character on “Stranger Things.” She told us, “I think my favorite character depends on the day. I think every character is lovable in their own way and each is relatable, which is why I love them all.”

We also asked her how she became a part of the cast, She said that she sent in a portfolio to audition, and a few weeks later she was on the screen.

We wanted to know who on the set helped you like fit in the most. Gabriella said, “I think every person that I met on set helped me and welcomed me so much into the cast and Gaten [Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin Henderson] was showing me around and Priah [Ferguson who plays Erica Sinclair] was also there . . . . And they were showing me around set, so I think probably getting a tour from them was one of my favorite parts.”

Actress Gabriella Pizzolo who plays Suzie on "Stranger Things," visits...

Actress Gabriella Pizzolo who plays Suzie on "Stranger Things," visits a coding camp at the Microsoft Store in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We wanted to know if she was a fan of the show “Stranger Things” before getting a part in the show. Gabriella told us, “Oh yeah! I was a huge fan. I loved the show and my entire family did too. I think for my parents it was super-nostalgic, you know the ’80s. And I think for the younger generation that introduces the idea of the ‘80s and all of the colors and the fun and the scrunchies. And also there’s something so relatable for every generation. And I think that’s how it’s such a big hit is there’s something for everyone.”

We also tried to get a little insight on Season 4, but Gabby didn’t know what was happening either. Some other questions that we asked was how she balanced school and acting on “Stranger Things.” Gabby told us that she, along with other young actors in” Stranger Things,” who are school age, had classes on the set, so whatever school they missed, was made up. Like all school-age kids, young actors and actresses must attend school. Outside of acting, they are just like us. Gabriella told us that she likes "singing, coding and drawing. And I also like writing music. “

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