Every spring in the Huntington School District, we have a charity event called Stuff the Bus. The student government at the high school organizes it for the district.

All the schools collect food and the high school students come and pick it up. They also collect food at supermarkets in the Huntington area. Once they collect the food, they take a day and pile all the food into a bus at the high school to be delivered to several local food pantries. Last year the Jack Abrams STEM School worked with the student government at the high school and was able to help with this great community event.

For weeks we collected food at our school. On a really cold Saturday in March, we went to the high school and helped pack up the bus and deliver the food. There was so much food. We climbed through the bus piling food in the seats, and then we got to jump out the back door. Once a bus was full, it was driven to the food pantries in Huntington. We followed with our parents in their cars to the pantry and then we unloaded the bus.

At St. Hugh’s in Huntington Station, we even got to meet some of the people who worked at the pantry. We then drove back to the high school and filled the bus again. The hardest part was carrying all the boxes to the bus. When we got to the places to unload, they sometimes had shopping carts that helped.

Each year the high school increases the number of full buses. Last year we filled three and hopefully this year we will fill more. Look for us Stuffing the Bus again.

Susan Danzig and Jen Stucchio’s fifth-grade class, Jack Abrams STEM Magnet School, Huntington Station

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