Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kelsey Sandoval

“Look over your work, check your answers.” How many times have your heard your teacher say that to you? Do you do it? We asked 110 kids in the fourth and fifth grades whether they check over their work before handing it in to be graded. Here is what we found:

Yes, I check it: 70

No, I just turn it in: 40

The kids who said no felt they did their work right the first time and there was no need to look at it again. We found that some kids were just too lazy or they “forgot.” Some of the kids said, “No, because I think I got everything right.”

A kid who does check her work said, “Yes, I check over my work because I want to make sure that I got everything correct.” That was how many students answered. They just don’t want to get anything wrong and also want to make sure they didn’t skip a question.