Sophia Janotha wears a denim jacket she designed to celebrate...

Sophia Janotha wears a denim jacket she designed to celebrate Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Credit: Sophia Janotha

A year ago, Caitlyn Tumino would’ve said her father was “holding the TV hostage” by watching football — but now, look what Taylor Swift made her do.

Ever since a love story blossomed between Swift and Kansas City’s Travis Kelce, the social media manager from Huntington has picked up her dad's hobby. “I never thought I’d be watching football because of Taylor Swift. It came out of nowhere. I’ve come to enjoy it. It’s fast paced and interesting,” says Tumino, 26.

Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce walks with Taylor Swift...

Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce walks with Taylor Swift following the AFC Championship NFL football game on Jan. 28. Credit: AP/Julio Cortez

Swifties who were once uninterested in football  have been following the Kansas City  games, if not the sport in general, as they bask in the love life of the Grammy-winning singer. They raved over the couple kissing and hugging on the field after the  Kansas City win last month advanced them to the Super Bowl. And who can forget the heart-pumping moment when Kelce made a hand-heart sign to the singer in the stands?


Mackenzie DiSalvo, 7, attends a New York Giants game with her family. Credit: Joe DiSalvo

Sunday’s Super Bowl match between Kansas City and the San Francisco 49ers will be the first Tumino has watched. She says she's even absorbed Kelce’s game stats without trying. “We’re cheering him on with her,” says Tumino, who group texts with gal pal Swifties after the Kansas City games. 

Caitlyn Tumino, of Huntington, attends the Taylor Swift's Eras Tour...

Caitlyn Tumino, of Huntington, attends the Taylor Swift's Eras Tour concert with her boyfriend, Joe Kissel, of East Isilp. Credit: Credit: Caitlyn Tumino

Joe DiSalvo, a New York Giants season ticket holder from East Meadow, says his three daughters never expressed interest in going with him to a game until Swift’s public arrival to football.

Daughter Mackenzie, turning 8 on Feb. 12, will even have a Super Bowl-themed birthday bash joined by sisters and fledgling football fans Cecilia, 5, and Ella, 10.

His girls ask about football rules but are more fired up about seeing Swift. “We jump up and down,” Mackenzie says. 

Credit: Joe DiSalvo

The four bonded by watching the series of Sunday playoff games. “At first, I thought it was just a ploy to stay up late,” the father says with a laugh. “It’s nice when, kind of at the end of the weekend, we sit down and watch a game,” adds DiSalvo, who also has a 1-year-old son, Leo. “I was really excited when I had a son because I figured he’d watch football with me. All of my daughters watch with me too.”


Clothing designer Sophia Janotha, 25, celebrates the couple by wearing a denim jacket that she designed with “Swift” over Kelce’s number, 87.

Kayla Donahue, 27, of New Hyde Park, says she's more interested in football now that Taylor Swift has made her interest public.  Credit: Kayla Donahue

She never had a reason to like football, but now sees it as another way to keep up to date with a singer she’s loved since fifth grade.

“I like to watch the games now just to see her on TV,” says the Massapequa resident, founder of Selfish By Soph. “I like to watch him also so I know what she’s cheering for.” She plans to watch the Super Bowl with her Swiftie friends who are also first-time football fans.

This influx of Swifties helps give women a bigger voice in sports, says Kayla Donahue, 27, of New Hyde Park, who’s been to Swift’s Rhode Island home during one of the artist's meetups. 

She’s not sold on the regular football season but plans to watch future playoffs, finding this year’s matches as exciting as Swift’s caught-on-camera reactions.

“Her music has always been there for me,” Donahue says. “She was just so happy; she’s having fun. I’m happy she’s happy.”


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