Texting and talking are two totally different things that have a common goal: communication. While some kids say texting is more convenient, others say that talking to each other is better. In my opinion, I like to text, maybe it's because I'm lazy or I just like how I can communicate with others who aren't even in sight.

Also, there can be several people involved in the conversation instead of just having a one-on-one conversation. For example, my friends and I were all sitting on a couch watching the World Cup, and we decided to make a group message to chat. Even though we were two inches away from one another, we chose to text instead of actually having a real conversation.

Maybe it was because we wanted to see the reactions on our faces when we saw the texts or maybe it was because we could use cool emojis to express or emphasize what we were trying to say.

When I'm in public, I like to text or pretend to text so it seems like I actually have friends (yeah, I know. . . .)

On the other hand, talking is equally as good because you can tell if someone is being sarcastic or sad by the tone of their voice. Listening to what someone has to say would be helpful because you could try and help the person you're talking to without having to ask in a text message.

This is an opinion. There is no perfect way to communicate. Some say face-to-face, others say texting, but you're entitled to your own opinion.


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