"That Physics Show" star Andrew Yolleck with Kidsday reporters, from...

"That Physics Show" star Andrew Yolleck with Kidsday reporters, from left, Evan Thomas, Gabriella Palma, Nash Panday and Madeline Chiu. Credit: Richard Rosenfeld

“That Physics Show” is a fun and entertaining educational show. It has many mind-blowing demonstrations, such as hydrogen balloons vs. helium balloons. In the Off-Broadway show, we are all scientists and we discover physics each and every day. The simplest things you do, like throwing or lifting something, are examples of physics. Whatever you do, you can connect to physics in so many ways. We saw the show and were wowed by the experiments.

In one experiment, Andrew Yolleck, the host, poured liquid nitrogen on his hand but it didn’t injure him, even though liquid nitrogen is -320 degrees F. But don’t try that at home, because if he had not angled his hand in a certain way, then it would have snapped into pieces.

Once liquid nitrogen is in contact with oxygen, it turns instantly into a gas. In another experiment, Andrew covered the top of a garbage can with rubber and cut the bottom of the garbage can. He then hit the rubber side and gushes of wind came out. Andrew then did something to make it even better: he added smoke! When he hit it again, beautiful smoke rings came out.

After that, Andrew put a square-shaped cutout on top of the circle. We were expecting to see square smoke rings, but the rings were still circular. Andrew said the circle was the most stable shape in the universe.

After the show we asked Andrew some questions about his career in physics. How did physics become entertainment? He said, “Many people think of physics as boring, not fun or not for me. ‘That Physics Show’ wants to engage and make physics fun.”

We also asked him what he would be doing now if it wasn’t for physics. Andrew said: “I love physics so much that I don’t really know what I would do. Maybe study medicine, but 1 know it is very hard to get in.”

Finally, we asked, how do we use physics every day? His response: “We use physics on a daily basis and we aren’t aware of what we do. Physics is something that advances our technology and how we live now.”

“That Physics Show” is a fun and interactive show that everyone should come and see. For more information check out: thatphysicsshow.com. It is located at The Physics Theater, 300 W. 43rd St., Manhattan.